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- Services -

For more information, please contact info@lidivangool.be or zhang.hong@telenet.be

- Approach -

Our service is tailored to individual needs and problems. Participants are invited to be actively involved.

  • One-on-one consulting and group trainings in Dutch, English, French and Chinese
  • An individual approach
  • Practical focus and real cases and issues
  • Flexible formulas
  • Training at the location and time of your choice, also abroad

- About us -

Lidi Van Gool

Born in Arendonk, Belgium, studied communication sciences, political and social sciences in Antwerp and culture sciences at the Open University.

As a trainer and consultant, Lidi enjoys helping people explore new ways of coping with cultural differences and finding a home away from home, starting with cross cultural training and language training. She works with adults, young people and children. Businesspeople, sportsmen and students.

Many conflicts in multinational and multicultural teams originate in cultural differences. Lidi has lived and worked in international en multicultural environments during 20 years. As a trainer and consultant, Lidi has experience working in Asia with focus on South Korea, China and Taiwan, Western Europe, North Africa and Turkey. She has a further 11 years experience in contractmanagement in international teams, mainly North American. Lidi has also 8 years of experience in reorientating small organisations and bringing them back on track.

Zhang Hong

Born in Xi’an, China, studied educational psychology and Dutch in Leuven, finished her university education in Chinese, English and Japanese in China.

Hong has over 10 years of experience and is an expert in intercultural training and language training. Moren than 10 years of working and living abroad has made her see clearly the differences in culture and languages between China and Europe, and the impact of these differences on a company or an individual. She helps the high executives and their family members, government, expatriates, company emloyees, students and children, in a short time, to understand Chinese culture and to gain the language knowledge for working, living or studying in China.

Hong also helps organise custom designed seminars for Belgian entrepreneurs doing business in China.
Hong is also a professional translator and interpreter, from Chinese into Dutch or English and vice versa. She can help you when you receive Chinese businesspartners in Belgium.

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Who are we

Lidi Van Gool

Lidi Van Gool is trainer and consultant for language and intercultural communication in your organisation or privatly at home. She also reorientates small business and helps them overcome changes and difficulties.

Zhang Hong

Zhang Hong is trainer and consultant for language and crosscultural communication mainly for Belgian entrepreneurs interested in doing business in China.

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Lidi Van Gool

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Zhang Hong

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